You can make up any type of game that you want with The Flip King.  Here are a few suggestions of games...

Bottle Ringer - Place any bottle or bottles about 5 feet apart or all the bottles in the center of the table.  Place a catapult on each side of the table next to each bottle or set of bottles.  Launch the wristbands onto your opponent's bottle and they have to drink from that bottle.  

Quarters and Bottles- Place a glass or cup and some bottles on each side of the table.  Shoot a quarter into the glass or cup. Then ring one of the bottles to win.  Players with be launching at the same time.  

Sorta Corn Hole - Place catapults on opposite sides of the table.  Place the wristbands flat on the table in a triangle or in a line.  Shoot bottle caps into the rings.  Make a point system similar to Corn Hole.  

We do encourage players to send in their own unique and fun games to play with The Flip King!  Please feel free to post your own cool videos to our Facebook page.